New Bandette story on @Comixology coming 9/19?  I had to celebrate that with a sketch. And here it is- an ink and wash tribute to my favorite new comic out there. (If you haven’t read it yet, that’s Bandette herself, and Inspector B.D. Belgique.)

Bandette is created by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover. You can read a preview of the new issue at Comic Book Resources.

And for the collectors out there, the original of this piece might still be available at Periscope Studio’s Etsy store.

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    SO GREAT, STEVE! Colleen is killing it with the artwork on Bandette, and she was nice enough to give me a Bandette-style...
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    Holy crap, you guys! To celebrate the second installment of Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin’s Bandette, Steve Lieber made...
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